PYLE EQUIPMENT AUCTIONS are BIG, EXCITING EVENTS that attract hundreds of people and the team at our auction sites are the heart of our business. Putting an auction together and running "the show" requires a dedicated team of energetic people in a wide variety of full time and part time roles. It's part business, social event, and our auction team helps make the auction day run as smoothly as possible. You have to be able to think on your feet and multi-task on long days, without sacrificing your sense of humor or your ability to have fun on the job!



• Secure heavy equipment consignments and fill the auction yard with iron. To do this, you'll work with everyone from sole proprietors and major contractors to rental companies and manufacturers.

• Introduce and sell our services to current and future customers through prospecting and cold calling.

• Work at the auctions where you can network with your customers and drive new business.

• Work mostly from a home office and on the road.


• Field sales experience preferred but not necessary.

• A natural ability to build lasting customer relationships.

• A working knowledge of heavy equipment or a lifelong passion for it and a wilingness to learn.

• A drive to seek new business.

• Negotiation and deal closing skills.

• Integrity 

• Maintain a valid, clean driver's license.


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