Please look for our registration trailer at the auction site upon your arrival.  Our helpful staff will you’re your basic information such as name, address, phone number and email address.  After you have registered, you will receive an updated auction catalog and a bidder number.   This bidder number will allow you to participate in the auction.  As a registered buyer, you are required to follow the terms and conditions printed on your auction catalog. 

When attending an auction in person, the following items will be necessary to complete your registration process:

·         A valid Driver’s License, Passport or Government ID 

·         A Bank Letter or Letter of Guarantee (required only when paying with a company or personal check).  As a general rule, the bank letter should be made out to Pyle Equipment Auctions listing your company name, your account number, the dates of validity, the amount guaranteed by your bank and the contact information for your banker.  Also accepted are cash, certified checks, credit cards and bank wires. 

Announcements will be made at the beginning of the auction detailing critical information auction participants will need to know.  Occasionally items will be reserved and removal will be delayed while a lot is used for load out.  Additionally, you will be notified if items will be sold as groups or any other unusual issues may be addressed during the announcements.  Announcements made on sale day take precedent over any printed material. 

You are responsible for every item you bid on and win, therefore, we encourage you to check all equipment you are planning on buying before bidding on the machine.  You can preview all equipment prior to the auction and will be able to inspect, test and compare equipment on our auction yard.  We encourage you to bring your mechanic to inspect the equipment you are bidding on.  Once the hammer falls, you own that item. 

Our knowledgeable staff of auctioneers and ring men will guide you through the purchase process on sale day.  Lots are typically sold in numeric order and the auctioneers will move from piece to piece.  Make sure you are bidding on the right item because once the hammer falls, you own the item.  If you are unsure about a lot number or have any questions, ask one of our ring men. 

At the end of the auction, you will be required to return to the registration area where an invoice will be generated for your review and payment.  If you are a motor vehicle dealer, equipment dealer or maintain other tax exempt status, you will be required to complete additional documents in accordance with state law allowing such exemptions.  If you purchased an item with a title, the title will be completed in the name that appears on your registration card. 

Payments must be made on sale day unless otherwise specified.  Items cannot be removed from the yard until payment is received in full. 

After you have paid for all of your items, you will receive a checkout ticket.  This ticket is your proof of purchase and must be presented when removing equipment from the yard.  No equipment will be released from the yard without a checkout ticket and complete payment for all purchases. 

As a general rule, titles will be mailed 7-14 days after payment has been received.  They will be sent via mail to the name and address that you have registered in.  Titles can be sent by Federal Express if a FedEx account number is provided to us.  Title laws and delivery will vary from auction to auction; please contact us if you have specific questions. 

After the hammer falls and you purchase an item, it is your responsibility to insure your purchase immediately. 


More information coming soon!